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Deep Life Quotes

I discovered Mandy Hale about five years ago after receiving numerous requests from fans to posterize her quotes on my other site. After reading some of her quotes and checking out her blog: I knew I had discovered someone special…

Mandy is known to many as “The Single Woman.” She encourages people to embrace being single and shares advice (at thesinglewoman.net) on how to navigate the sea of life as a single woman.

I’ve collected 20 of the best Mandy Hale quotes (23 if you include the posters) to help you break free of the limiting belief that being single is a bad thing.

If you’re feeling fear, pain, heartache or disappointment… then these powerful quotes will uplift your soul and spirit.

20 Mandy Hale Quotes

Be happy when you're happy and sad when you're sad and don't apologize for either. You are who you are and it's a beautiful thing.

Don’t let where you think you’re supposed to be stand in the way of where you actually ARE. There is joy in this place, in this moment. – Mandy Hale

Faith is moving forward even when things don’t make sense, trusting that in hindsight…everything will become clear. – Mandy Hale

Sometimes we stare so long at the wrong things, we miss out on the [click to continue…]